Masters Hockey Asian Cup 2013 - Post Script

11 teams participated. 18 matches were played. 111 goals were scored. 192 players played. 29 officials, umpires, technical officers and judges officiated. Many weeks of diligent preparation are over. Hard work? Not a bit of it.

 Total commitment, determination and enthusiasm ( Photo courtesy YF Kwok  )

Total commitment, determination and enthusiasm (Photo courtesy YF Kwok )

The Grand Masters (60 years minimum) national squads represented Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Malaysia; Alliance International Hockey Club played against all four in friendly matches. The Senior Masters (50 years minimum) national squads represented Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The Ladies Veterans squads represented Hong Kong and Korea.

Japan won the 2nd Grand Masters Asian Cup.  It was a flawless performance from a magnificent team. They won all their matches in a convincing manner. Malaysia were runners up and Korea took third place. Malaysia, having won the 1st Grand Masters Asian Cup, held in Singapore in 2011, passed on the cup to Japan.

 Strength, stamina and skill ( Photo courtesy Gabriel Chan  )

Strength, stamina and skill (Photo courtesy Gabriel Chan )

Hong Kong won the 1st Senior Masters Asian Cup.  Hong Kong needed a 7 goal margin or more in their final game against Korea, to beat Malaysia on goal difference; they duly recorded an 11-1 victory and claimed the title. Singapore took third place.  Hong Kong have now won their first International Veterans title and in so doing become inaugural winners of the Senior Masters Asian Cup.

Korea's lady veterans won their two friendly matches against Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Football Club generously provided both their magnificent facilities and granted all participants membership for the duration of the tournament. We are indebted to them.

 In a meeting of the WGMA held on 2nd November 2013, it was agreed that the 3rd Grand Masters Asian tournament will be hosted by Malaysia in October 2015, with games to be played in Kuala Lumpur and possibly Kuantan.  In parallel, there will also be international Masters Hockey tournaments for Masters and Senior Masters.

It was nothing but pleasure.  Looking forward to seeing you all in KL in 2015!