Hockey: From cradle to grave.

Hong Kong, 2nd November 2013, Mili Semlani

Young. Dashing. Fit. Strong. If that is your ideal definition of a hockey player then you haven’t seen enough. The Masters Hockey Asian Cup held recently in Hong Kong will redefine the terms of the game.

It is not often that one can see veteran and talented Hockey players of the yesteryears showing off their agility. Be it Olympic players like Sarinder Dillon, President of Masters Hockey Asian Cup or Tan Shri Mustafa from Malaysia or the several other prominent hockey players in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, they all share the same passion for Hockey. The Grand Masters is a great platform for former hockey players and hockey lovers to meet, socialize, and play and reminiscence the old days. But once the players are on the field and the game warms up, the players get in to their competitive avatars and start playing with equal robust as they would do several years ago.

 Seniors remain fully engaged ( photo by Ernest Li )

Seniors remain fully engaged (photo by Ernest Li)

Even as Robbie, one of the star players from yesteryears, declared that this was the last game of his life, he seemed too reluctant to consider the idea. Although his heart longed to play his body would not allow him to do so. Each player both on the field and on the stands shared a peculiar love for the game and attachment with the hockey stick.

“The games are organized very well and such tournaments help players from South Asian countries to reconnect with their glory days”, said Steve Pratt, Coach of Malaysian Grand Masters team. Unlike the games in their heydays this time each player has to compete not just with the opposite team but also their physical constraints.

 Mili Semlani, Journalism, Masters in International Journalism